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, Van Meter, C. W. 2000. Chapter 8: Crime and the threat environment. Principles of security and crime prevention, 4th ed. Cincinnati, OH: Anderson Publishing. Friedman. …… Private SecurityThe various factors that influence both the definition and the perception of private security are typically environmental but can be internal and external to the issue of security itself. In most developed nations, the state provides security forces that are paid for by tax payers local, municipal, state and federal police, and military forces; however, private security forces, typically operated by ex military officers who bring their training and experience into the private sector to fill gaps in the market where demand cannot be satisfied by state security apparatuses alone, do exist and do operate both in developed and developing nations. Private security contractors like Academi, GRS, and Aegis look like military forces and often work with military forces when political factors require governments to apply to them for assistance as has been the case with the U. S.

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Private security as it is known in its current conception in the U.

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In this text, I concern myself with physical security and the relevance of several of its components.